23 November 2014 

Article taken from The Balladeers Bulletin

G’day friends and neighbours,

Well 2014 has galloped on past and disappeared in a cloud of dust, and although the year was a very dry year at home on our property “Bowenfels”, my musical year was full with good things and plenty of work. 

Once again I found myself back in the recording studio, which is something I love doing very much.  Producer Larry Marrs and myself set about recording a great new bunch of songs which became the album “I’m The Land”.  The album contains some great traditional and modern Bush Ballads and Australiana songs.

Making great quality country music is something my heart has to do to be happy and a part of me that seems to get stronger with each passing year.  I am amazed to look back and realise it is 25 years since I recorded that first album with my sister Kerri.  The roads my music has taken me down, the people I have met, the mates, fans and friends; have made it an interesting career for me, and there is only a few things that I would change if I could go back.

“I’m the Land” has been a milestone album for me.  I co-produced this album alongside Larry Marrs.  It was a real pleasure to write and record the song “My Country, My Land” with Troy Cassar-Daley, as well as working with the cream of country musicians the world has to offer.  The album is packed with great new Bush Ballads. 

I had a great time performing these new songs at festivals around Australia during Spring 2014 including; Gympie Muster, Nanango Muster, Bony Mountain, Texas Stampede, Mildura Country Music Festival, Port Pirie and Kempsey Slim Dusty Memories Week. 

Once again it was great to be awarded the Heritage Track of the Year Award at the Australian Independent Country Music Awards for the song “I’m The Land”.  Other exciting news is that I have been nominated for four Golden Guitars at the 2015 CMAA Country Music Awards of Australia.  Fingers crossed for some success there!

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2015.

Come along and catch one of our shows during the Tamworth Festival.  See you all there!
Kind Seasons,
Dean Perrett


26 May 2014 

New Album – “I’m The Land” due to be released in July 2014
Hello there friends,

I am very pleased to tell you I have been back in the recording studio working on a special album, my new Bush Ballad album, “I’m the Land”.

The album contains new original bush songs from my pen as well as some great new songs written by my friends Ian Quinn, Virginia Coad and Allan Caswell.

There are two special duets; Troy Cassar-Daley duets with me on an emotive song we have co-written titled “My Country, My Land” and I am also proud to have recorded a version of the great country classic “Amanda” with one of the great all time Bluegrass vocalists, Paul Brewster. 

There are also two special tribute songs to Buddy Williams and Slim Dusty. 

This album will be released in mid-July and I firmly believe this album contains some of my best music to date.

If you would like to pre-order a copy of the new album, please complete and post the attached printable Mail Order Form with your cheque or money order to the address provided.  CD’s of I’m The Land will be mailed to you as soon as they are available, which we expect will be in mid-July 2014.

Alternatively you can purchase the album as a CD or digital download once the album has been released in July 2014 from my Albums Page on this website with the option to pay by credit card or Paypal. 

Preview song samples of I'M THE LAND in the video below.


25 May 2014 

Article taken from The Balladeers Bulletin - July 2014 issue. 

G'day Everyone, 
Well the year so far has been an exciting one for me.
So it has been a case of pulling down the akubra and riding hard.
Once again I had a great time in Tamworth. Thank you so much to everyone who caught up at our own shows and purchased CD’s.
My highlight for Tamworth was to be asked along with my mate Jeff Brown, to sing “The Drovers Boy” in honour of Ted Egan’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the Country Music Awards of Australia.  It truly was an honour to be invited to do.
I am also excited to tell you that my new Bush Ballad album “I’M THE LAND” is about to be released.  I am very proud of this collection of songs that I have written and received from other songwriters;  songs about different aspects of bush life and parts of our great country.
A feature for this album is an emotive song “MY COUNTRY, MY LAND” which I wrote and recorded with Troy Cassar-Daley.  This album was co-produced by Larry Marrs & myself.
I have written a lot of the songs on the project, but I am proud to have songs written by Allan Caswell, Ian Quinn, Virginia Coad Hermel and Kedron Taylor.
I am also looking forward to a run of festivals during the remainder of 2014, as well as our own various shows & concerts.
See you on the road and around the ridges!
Kind Seasons
Dean Perrett


1 November 2013 

Great News!

Dean was awarded “Heritage Track of the Year” at the Australian Independent Country Music Awards held in Mildura at the beginning of October 2013 with his version of a Slim Dusty classic “Where Country Is”.  This is the fourth occasion Dean has been presented with this award, once again proving Dean’s authenticity in this genre of music.
USA Trip

In July Dean travelled to Nashville, USA to record a Bluegrass Gospel Album, “The Shelter of the Cross”.   While in Nashville Dean took the opportunity to see some great country concerts at the historic Ryman Theatre and the Grand Ole Opry.
A big thrill for Dean while he was in Nashville was to be invited backstage at the Ryman Theatre.  “We were invited to spend time at sound check and during the show with Ricky Skagg’s band Kentucky Thunder”.
“Meeting Ricky Skaggs has been a high point in my musical journey so far.  He is a very humble inspirational artist”, Dean said.
Bluegrass Gospel Album - “The Shelter of the Cross”

This very special album of Bluegrass Gospel songs is Dean’s latest CD offering.  Recorded in Nashville and produced by Larry Marrs, this album features some great Bluegrass supremo’s.
The album consists of 13 bluegrass tracks, four from Dean’s own pen together with some great Bluegrass Gospel classics such as “When They Ring Those Golden Bells”, “Glory Bound Train”, River of Jordan” and “Where the Soul of Man Never Dies” to name a few.
To purchase the album, just go to the Albums Page on this website.  This album is available as a CD or digital download.


12 December 2012 

Article taken from The Balladeers Bulletin - January 2013 issue

G'day everyone,

Well the last months of 2012 shot by quickly and the Tamworth Festival is once again upon us.

I once again enjoyed performing at all the major spring time Country Music Festivals up here in Queensland.

It was great to be part of the Heritage Showcase at the Gympie Muster and it was wonderful to have my friends the Coad Sisters, Virginia and Lynette step in on lead Guitar and bass in my band line up for Gympie, along with my regular drummer Logan Brewster.

I would like to thank the Gympie Muster for including a Heritage Showcase.  The Heritage programme consisted of Peter Coad and the Coad Sisters, Graham Rodger, Tracy Coster, myself and the legendary Chad Morgan.

A big thanks to all who helped make the 2012 Nanango Country Muster such a great success.  It was by far the biggest so far and the weather was great.  A strong line up of artists capped off the 10th year anniversary of the event in style.

After Nanango Muster I sang at Bony Mountain, the Texas Round Up and the Mildura Country Music Festival and had a great time as always.

Once again it is great to be a finalist in the CMAA Country Music Awards of Australia in Bush Ballad of the Year with the song Heartbeat of Australia, The Man of the Land which I co-wrote with my producer Stuie French.  This song is dedicated to the great working ethic and spirit of pass and present people of the land which has been passed on to all proud Australians.

2013 will also see the release of my 11th album "My Bush Heritage".  The album contains 13 songs and is jam packed full of great Bushballads that I have enjoyed over the years.  Mostly on previous albums I have recorded original songs, but every now and then I think it is good and something fresh to record an album of songs from the past.

I have also recorded three new songs for this project "Brumby" which I co-wrote with Shirrelle Jackman and a new song from the pen of Norma O'Hara Murphy titled "Old Betty", which is a simple but very heartfelt horse ballad.  "Heartbeat of Australia, The Man of the Land", is also found on this album.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in Tamworth where you can grab a copy of "My Bush Heritage" album.

Wishing you all a Merry and Safe Christmas and I hope 2013 is kind to you.

Kind Seasons.